Balika-Bala Samajam

Balika Samajam and Bala Samajam are spiritual organizations for school-age girls and boys respectively in our church. The main objectives of the organizations are worship, study, and community living. The goals of this organization is to encourage it’s young members to study the faith and the tradition of our church, while growing as true Christians.

Balika and Bala Samajams were functional in various dioceses, even before they were official spiritual organizations of the church. It was not until the 1980’s, that the church officially inducted the Samajams as official spiritual organizations. Although they are two independent organizations, they meet and functions together at parish levels.

Balika-Bala Samajam in our parish was started in the early nineties under the guidance of our Vicar, Very Rev. Gheevarghis Aroopala Cor-Episcopa. Achen appointed Molly Kurian and Koshy P. John as the leaders to maintain the organization. All the elementary and middle school students in our parish are members of this organization.

Balika-Bala Samajam meets on Sundays after the Holy Qurbana. The meeting format consists of starting prayer, study/discussion of a particular topic, devotional songs, and concluding prayer. The discussion topics include Gospel readings, bible stories, church faith, and other topics related to church and Christian life. Though the discussions the students are led and moderated by the adult coordinators, all the members are highly encouraged to participate. In order to develop the habit of praying openly in group settings, the starting and concluding prayers are done by the students. The devotional and worship songs, both in English and in Malayalam, are also taught in the meeting.

The “Save a Penny, Save a Life” penny collection program is designed to develop almsgiving habit in young hearts. The group organizes other events, such as bake sales. The money collected from penny collection and bake sales are used to support orphanages and other charity projects here and in India

Balika-Bala Samajam is a great organization that introduces the young people to the faithand the tradition of our church. It also encourages them to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ at the early stages of their lives

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