Sunday School

The Sunday school in our parish was started in 1978 with 30 students and 7 teachers. It has now grown into one of the largest in the southern area and in the American diocese of Indian Orthodox Church. Today, there are classes from Pre-K through 12th grade with about 150 students, 15 primary teachers, and 12 substitute teachers.

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Balika Bala Samajam

Balika Samajam and Bala Samajam are spiritual organizations for school-age girls and boys respectively in our church. The main objectives of the organizations are worship, study, and community living. The goals of this organization is to encourage it’s young members to study the faith and the tradition of our church, while growing as true Christians.

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The MGOCSM of St. Thomas Orthodox Church, Houston is a group of high school and college age students who come together in Christian fellowship to grow closer to Christ and the Orthodox faith.The students partake in weekly Sunday meetings after the service. Our weekly meetings involve praise and worship, Bible studies, activities and discussions

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The Martha Mariam Samajam is an organization for the Church composed of the women of the faith. It is spread throughout the world in all 24 Dioceses and functioning parishes of the church. The group’s main purpose was to achieve equal ancestral property right for Christian women of Kerala.

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Focus stands for Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States. As the name itself implies, FOCUS was created in the effort to keep the Orthodox faith alive in young professionals and couples over the age of 23 who lived far from the church or who needed an opportunity to renew their faith. These pioneering young adults and young couples started a wave of ministry, in which spiritual nourishment and guidance was provided to their peers who were facing the various challenges of living a Christian life in modern America.

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The youth movement of St. Thomas Cathedral, Stafford has expanded its role in line with IOC decision to include women to the group. This was a great achievement as it increased participation of young women in the church Forum. This enabled couples to attend the meeting as active members, and the kids also joined the couples for meetings. Thus the OCYM emerged as an organized basic unit of the church, bringing Worship, Study, Service, and Fellowship as its prime motto. A ten member Committee is elected every year and it includes the Church Vicar (President), Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to oversee the activities of the OCYM.

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Prayer Groups

The Prayer groups at St. Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Houston are well established and have been functioning for a long time. In fact, the origins of St. Thomas Church can be traced back to the early 1970’s by a prayer group of Orthodox immigrants in Houston.

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