Sunday School

When the Sunday School in our parish was started in 1978, we began with 30 students and 7 teachers. It has now grown into the largest Sunday School in the American Diocese of the Indian Orthodox Church. There are classes from Pre-K through 12th grade with approximately 250 students and 40 teachers. Sunday School begins at 8:00 AM with morning prayer and a hymn that is led by one of our own students.

Sunday School mirrors the regular school year calendar and runs from September to May. Sunday School follows the curriculum approved and published by the Oriental Sunday School Association of the East (OSSAE). In addition to the textbook lessons, Bible stories, Christian songs, Bible verses, and other general topics related to church and life are covered in the classroom. All teachers are required to submit weekly lesson plans to the clergy and principal for review and approval.

Besides weekly classes, Sunday School conducts several other activities to develop and promote the talents of the younger generation. Spring Fest, vocal competitions, Orthodox Vacation Bible School (OVBS), service projects, and the annual Christmas program are just a few examples.

While Sunday School provides the basic infrastructure to guide the next generation of our church in the Orthodox faith, it is the grace of God, the guidance of our clergy, the dedication of our teachers, the enthusiasm and commitment of our students, and (most importantly) the cooperation and support of our parents, that contributes to the success of our Sunday school. Contact your child’s teacher to find out how you can help support and improve the Sunday School ministry.

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Sunday School Administration

Mrs. Anna George (Shiny)  


Grade Teacher
5 Abels Koshy   
Aaron Mathew   
6 Joji Ninan   
Justin George   
7 Amy Thomas   
8 Sheena Mani   
Shirly Kuruvila   
Ansu Abraham   
9 Nelson John   
10 Diana Kurian   
Elsi Abraham   
Grade Teacher
11 Preethy Eapen   
Manoj Mathew   
12 Manoj Thomas   
K.O. Mathew   
Sunil Mani   
Substitute Teachers Sherley Varughese   
Jeya Mathews   
Mereen Jacob   
Aleena Santosh   
Secretary Mercy John   

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