FOCUS Marriage Seminar 2015

St. Thomas Cathedral Houston, TX
Saturday, April 25 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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FOCUS stands for Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in the United States. As the name itself implies, FOCUS was created in the effort to keep the Orthodox faith alive in young professionals and couples over the age of 23 who lived far from the church or who needed an opportunity to renew their faith. These pioneering young adults and young couples started a wave of ministry, in which spiritual nourishment and guidance was provided to their peers who were facing the various challenges of living a Christian life in modern America.

They used their influence to continuously provide support and resources to the younger generations who were unable to experience the benefits of an understanding ear or advising presence during their childhood.

Many of these FOCUS leaders strove to become a parental figure for the youth by volunteering for many Sunday School, OVBS, and MGOCSM activities. Through their never-ending participation and involvement in the life of the Church, young adults were taught how to become and remain active members of the parish in terms of administration. FOCUS exemplified service and faith, standing as a shining beacon for their brothers and sisters who were still looking for inspiration.

For years, the ministry has continued. Many of the organizations presently active in the church are led by young adults who either started the movement or were inspired and changed by them. Through the generations to come, we pray and hope that this movement of inspiring and bringing our members back to the church will not only strengthen our fellowship and congregation, but also augment the presence of the Orthodox Church in America.

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